Ship Of The Line

I am a ship of the line

And the waves ride by my bow:

With eagerness they pull me

And lead me on somehow;

The wind is like their lover,

Now slow, now in a rush;

My sails steal its caresses: 

I am too innocent to blush.


I am a ship for all weather, 

Not first-rate nor fifth, but third:

A wily betwixt of bear-lion  

And seal, or silky-winged bird;

I came in close to shore last month,  

I put my anchor down;

But ships are made for sea so far:

And so I turned around.


An island I might spy one day

A lush life through the glass,

But till then I shall split the sky

And sea, as I do pass;

I have my planks, my stars, my charts

And all good bottles of wine;

I have the strength to sail it out

For I am a ship of the line.