Lavender, written August 2009

There You Go Again, written and sung February 2015.

See You In My Dreams, written March 2004

Beautiful You, written October 2007

Where Did I Leave My Hat? written August 2016

The Ladybird Song, written August 2010.

Train Lullaby, written by me and recorded on 11 December 2010.

Hoist Before Sailing, written July 2009.

Silence on deck! 

Heed the new captain’s cries

Raise the blue peter

aloft to the skies


Every man jack

knows where his duty lies

Every man jack 

wants to make it alive


Hoist before sailing 

and then cut along 

join the gold road

where the merchantmen throng


Just a white square

on a map of the sky –

spray at the gunwhales

makes rainbows that fly


Raise the blue peter

aloft to the sun

Save your regrets

till the treasures are won


Hoist before sailing,

the sand’s on the run

take the tide flowing

and cheer with your gun


Hoist before sailing....

Sublime, written March 2004 

Last Call, written June 2006

Raleigh, written February 2005

Golden Shadow, my first song ever: written Fall 2003, performed here in 2010