The bra and the frog


Strange thing happened this afternoon: I had reached for my sports bra, hanging from a hook in the WC, when I felt an odd slightly firm-jelly texture that shouldn't have been there. As is my involuntary (female) wont, I threw the bra down onto the tiles and shrieked. (I'm a great shrieker, it's entirely instinctive.) And out hopped a rather large brown frog. It was not, I'd say, a Cuban tree frog -- the colouring struck me as different (browner, for a start). It wasn't an American bullfrog, either. So I don't know what the frog was. And more to the point, I have no idea how it came to be in my bra! I often open the WC window, but I checked the window screen and it is fully intact. I don't know how a frog as large as that got in! Anyway, my shriek brought hubby to the scene, he threw a towel over it and together we got it out of doors without incident.