Dog Ear Cropping Is Pointless, Unkind, And Immoral

There: I've said it. I know that American Boxer dogs are required to have those ridiculous unnatural ears in the show ring, but nowhere in Europe are they so required these days -- in fact, ear cropping is forbidden -- and Boxer parents that do not show their dogs prefer the natural and beautiful floppy ears by a wide margin. The fact is that cropped ears are out of date. They subject vulnerable dogs to a completely unnecessary, uncomfortable surgical mutilation -- and surgery should never be resorted to except for the health of the dog. Why the American Kennel Club continues to tolerate this mutilation of innocent animals is a mystery. Perhaps the American Veterinary Medical Association has something to say on the matter? How about Congress? 

And while I'm at it: I don't approve of tail docking, either. A dog should not be mutilated. What else need be said?

Well, one more thing. How do people that claim to love dogs do this with an easy conscience? How can they? It's a mystery. And it's a testament to human stupidity at the same time.