Let's ditch 'around' as a helping word

Spicer also stated that both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein, recommended Comey's ouster based on the director's handling of the investigation around Hillary Clinton's private email server.  

Eh? One does not investigate 'around'. The word in this sentence should be 'of' -- it's an investigation of, not 'around'. 

I have the same objection to the post-modern 'issues around'. What on god's green earth are those? You know what they are: they are problems. Problems with [insert problem here]

When it comes to 'around', as a vague poncey fashionable more-sophisticated-than-you word, I'm simply not having it. In English, even in the 21st century, we still use the same connective words: of, about, for, with, over, under, at, on. To say that we talk 'around' may be unwittingly correct with respect to our unedifyingly jargonistic political speech, but it has nothing to do with conveying elegantly, precisely, and frankly what we mean to say. And I am adamant about that. ABOUT that -- not 'around' it.