Pretty In Blue

Photo: EPA, via the Daily Mail UK

Well done, Ralph Lauren. The new First Lady's outfit for Inauguration Day was perfect: not only is it one of my favourite colours -- baby blue, or powder blue if you like -- but it was a sleek and elegant design with a beautiful cowl-collar, three-quarter sleeves, and matching suede gloves that flowed from under those sleeves to encase her fingertips.

An outfit that brought off the incredible feat of being dramatic and modest at the same time. The garb of a high lady in any sense of the word.

The cashmere was soft, appropriately warm for a January day in Washington, D. C., and dressy without being flashy. She wore square diamond earrings that offset the matte curves of the outfit, and in my opinion she could have worn a brooch as well, without distracting from the simplicity and unity of the look. Certainly I would have worn one under the bolero (which Mrs Trump removed for the Inaugural luncheon). 

Photo: Reuters, via the Daily Mail UK

Photo: Reuters, via the Daily Mail UK

But what was not to like? Her unfussy updo was perfect -- perhaps the change from a center part was simply for the style of the day, and not an ongoing change, as Ivanka's new side part seems to be (personally I preferred the center part on her, but it was a bit severe and perhaps she wanted to differ a bit from all the other center-part Trump women). The only aspect of Melania's outfit that I would have done differently is the shoes: I am not partial to pointy shoes, with or without stiletto heels. Perhaps it's because I'm a dancer and a barefoot yogini: the thought of balancing on such tiny ludicrous supports disconcerts me. And the sharp points of those shoes just look painful to me. I like a more rounded, curvy, sumptuous shoe. Doesn't mean I'm calling for court shoes or ballet slippers. Just something less extreme and more beautiful than that. Given the simplicity of the lines of her outfit -- dress with bolero jacket over -- halo-strapped heels with a more natural toe could have looked ideal, in my view.