Jerry Hall's style

The Times has just announced that Jerry Hall, aged 59, is to marry Rupert Murdoch, aged 84.

Jerry Hall is famous for being the ex-lover of the talented Bryan Ferry, whose music I have just been giving a spin tonight, and of Mick Jagger, who apparently is always looking for something better (must be a curse). Murdoch is famous for being one of the richer billionaires and for marrying women much, much younger. Poor old Wendi Deng got the heave-ho not that long ago, apparently for the great crime of fancying Tony Blair. You may question her taste, but it does seem a minor provocation for divorce. 

There is nothing that can be said of Mr Murdoch's looks, for the simple reason that he doesn't have any, and apparently never did. The most that can be said is that he lacks the old person's parchmenty skin (a feature that was noted on that other late-marrying ladies' man, Saul Bellow). 

A center part can be soft rather than severe.

A center part can be soft rather than severe.

Ms Hall, on the other hand, is a famous beauty. But she is a strange case, being just as unclassically beautiful as the late Farah Fawcett, only without the fabulous hair. And it is odd that she chose her style decades ago and has never seen fit to alter it. Yet there is something about her hair that I notice instantly every time I see her picture, and what I think is that her hairstyle doesn't suit her. She has a vast and very high forehead, which the sweep from her side-part only emphasizes: it's the female version of a combover and just as unattractive. Why has she never tried bangs ('fringe', if you're English)? Or perhaps even better: a center part. Having hair part like a curtain in the middle would bring the viewer's attention down from her forehead to the place where it belongs: her lovely features. And a center part need not be severe: my own is natural, and because I don't part it like the Red Sea with a comb, it meanders softly. 

It's not too late to change your style, Ms Hall. Why not do it for the wedding?