People often ask me if I'm taking my puppy to obedience school


...and the answer is No

As I wrote to my mother today:

I particularly don't like it when people make suggestions about How To Raise A Puppy. I know all about it -- and if I need advice, I'll ask the vet or Google it. I'm highly confident of raising a good girl, and this time will be no more difficult than the first. So in answer to your question (and you are not 'people' -- I'm not meaning you!), Betsy's training school is Mr Brenchley and me, right here at home. It was all Chummy needed and Betsy is similarly bright (and similarly boisterous in the way Boxers are). As I said to hubby on our waterside walk with Betsy today, if you need to train the spirit out of a Boxer, you shouldn't have one: get a Chihauhua and be done with it!