Betsy as a small pup, pastel and charcoal on black sandpaper

I actually made a number of adjustments to this picture after photographing this -- placed with magnets on the fridge to flatten it somewhat, as the ordinary 'wetordry' 600 grit sandpaper curls up into a scroll if left unsupported. (The eyes are too chocolate and need a dark iris ring; the yellow strokes needed to be reddish like the rest, etc.) Anyway, it is really just a fun sketch. But it captures the idea, one way or another, of an energetic puppy, like a Tigger. Later I found a piece of cardboard from an artist's pad, cut it to fit, and rubber-cemented the sandpaper to it. I won't be using plain sandpaper again! But I like the effect: when you view the drawing from different angles, you see the features differently. It's almost like a hologram.