Betsy's first week

We got Betsy last Thursday afternoon. This past week has been interesting for me because on the one hand, I knew what to expect, and on the other paw, Betsy's personality might turn out to be different in subtle ways from Chummy's. And this is proving to be true. She just woke up with a little squeal (followed by a yawn), and in general she is a big talker. She barks at her toys, and at me when excited by something I'm holding or showing her -- and I don't remember Chummy barking at all until she was considerably older. And then, Chummy tended to bark at external things, never at me. Betsy also trills at me, which I don't recall Chummy ever doing, either. (It's the sort of thing I'm pretty sure I'd remember.) Finally, Betsy makes 'exclamations' while playing that don't sound like a bark but more like 'oh!'. Chummy made all sorts of little noises as a pup, for sure, but Betsy just strikes me as being more vocal, in a slightly more various way at this stage. In other respects they are both very similar in looking and behaving like their breed. A Boxer dog is charming, vivacious, and handsome as a grown-up, but even as doglets they are still very much Boxers, with many hints of what is to come.