Boxer cardiomyopathy

...was the official cause of my beautiful Chummy's death. It is so called -- or was: the current term is arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy or ARVC -- because it is a disease that shows up especially in Boxer dogs. The information sheets that I was given about this, when Chummy first went into the Intensive Care Unit on Christmas Day, stated that dogs at risk (I guess: I forget the specific language and no longer have the sheets) should not be bred. I believe this is wrong, quite strongly. Chummy did die of ARVC, according to the doctors, but she lived a slightly longer-than-average life for a Boxer (the usual span is 10-12 years, and she lived to be nearly 11 1/2). More than that, her life was happy, and she brought great joy to all that knew her. This would have been just as true if, god forbid, she had died at age nine, or six. She had a Boxer puppy friend, when we lived in Texas, who died at age three after inhaling fungal spores at his parents' cattle ranch. To state that some Boxers deserve to breed and that others don't, when they all will die eventually of something, strikes me as stupid, frankly.