Dog Nutrition, Continued...

My thoughts have completely changed since my earlier idea of many months ago, through which I hoped to reduce Darling's weight by increasing the frequency of her meals but lowering her caloric intake overall.

Whatever the intent was, the consequence didn't happen. She didn't lose weight, and I am not at all sure that she actually took in fewer calories.

Not only that, but I am aware (as I should have been at the time, as I've known about insulin's effects from way back) that feeding frequently is likely to keep insulin boosted in the blood, which is not ideal. What one wants is a more occasional insulin release (from the pancreas), and a smaller insulin release in response to a less insulin-provocative food. The end result of all of this is LESS FAT STORAGE and healthier organs.

So now we are trying a different way -- now that Darling is approaching 10½. I'm trying to get her to accept one main meal a day, with some snacks here and there, but a long fast after her last meal and before the next mini-feeding the next day. If fasts help humans lose fat, boost their growth hormone, and improve their endocrine system overall, why shouldn't they help dogs as well?