Bring water, bring food

Today's message is: if you have an older dog (or an injured dog, or one that is feeling a bit insecure or uncomfortable for any reason): bring the water to your dog, and bring the food. 

Leaving a comfortable spot, when the joints are achy, might seem like too much trouble to a senior dog. Especially if it's bedtime and the moment for getting one last sip from the bowl seems to have passed. If you think your dog could possibly be thirsty, bring the bowl to your dog.

The same goes for meals. Many times I have failed to interest my 'senior' girl (now 9 1/2 years old) in her breakfast. But when I brought it to her place on the sofa, and wafted it under her nose, I got her to eat -- with accompanying noises of satisfaction. 

If you have an older dog that seems finicky, give it a try!