Giving pills to the savvy dog

I have visited this subject of pill-giving twice already, but it seems to be a sort of moving goalpost, so here are my two latest tricks.

Sweetheart has a urinary tract infection (which we discovered when her urine emerged intermittently with blood). The vet prescribed antibiotics, which come in a tablet that looks like a large flattened aspirin. I was not overly confident about being able to give my dog these pills, four a day for two whole weeks, without her balking at them quite early on. The vet tried out two very large edible pill pouches in beef flavour, and these did the trick. If they hadn't, she suggested serving them up in a thick dollop of beef-flavoured baby food (which my girl sampled there in the office and apparently liked). If these items failed when tried at home, the further suggestion was butter: coating a pill in a layer of butter helps to prevent any bitter-pill flavour from being detected. 

Well, the pill pockets worked but we ran out of them. So I did the butter-ball thing, and that was all we needed. So if your dog is very clever about pills and doesn't want to take them, try coating each one in butter, then serve up in a stew or within the dog's regular meal. I did this (my girl is used to a lot of variety, so the presence of something new in her dish is not an automatic tip-off), and I think it all got accepted as food and thus there was no suspicious picking-through.