Tangerine yoghurt treat


Here I have a tangerine from my own tree, with a dollop of lovely low-fat Dannon yoghurt, drizzled with Bourbon-aged maple syrup and sprinkled with crumbled mace. I then (after the picture is taken) mix the lot together, and enjoy the blend of flavours. I like mace a lot: it’s the casing of the nutmeg, and is more subtly floral than nutmeg — though I’d have to say most simply that it tastes to me like a cross between nutmeg and ginger. If I were giving this treat to someone else, I’d powder the mace for sprinkling, but for myself that step was not worth the bother. I have been known to put mace in my mouth and eat it plain. But returning to this dessert: the blend of fresh dairy tang, sweet succulent citrus, mildly whisky’d maple syrup, and the slightly bitter spice is really a delight.