A sandwich with half the carb load

Left-over roast chicken with curry-mayonnaise and chopped green onion, sliced tomato, and basil from the garden. The toast is nearly invisible beneath. I do use a knife as well as a fork for a meal like this!

Like most people, I do enjoy a well-made sandwich. I also like my bread toasted -- in fact I prefer toasted bread nearly always (which is why a baguette fresh from the oven is so much nicer than a cold one, later). But two slices of toast, the top and bottom of a sandwich, can be too much of a mouthful: I've been known to scrape my palate with them just by biting into them. So, fine: do the toast much lighter -- but then you lose the crunchy benefit. Also, two slices of bread is quite a lot of the carb and calorie load of the meal. The answer: an open-faced sandwich on one slice of well-done, nicely browned toast. Completely satisfying, and you can really pile on the 'filling' without worrying about it all will fit!