Make mine a Brie....

 $16 at Marks & Spencer USA

$16 at Marks & Spencer USA

I was looking at Marks & Spencer's bakeware offerings, since our new induction range could really benefit from their metal roasting tray -- it's great in the oven and then you can put it stove-top to deglaze the juices and make a nice gravy (can't do that with our glass one). And while there, I noticed that they have a ceramic cheese baker. It's very pretty, in white and dark grey, with a mother cow and her suckling calf. And the base has a delightful floral design reminiscent of Spode. The problem? The top says 'CAMEMBERT'. (Oh, and someone should have told the designer that 'Fabriqué en Normandie' requires an accent aigu over the first e: that means 'made', past tense.) The trouble is that I don't like Camembert. The only such cheese I enjoy is Brie. Way more better. MUCH. I don't want to read the word 'Camembert' when Brie is the only whole cheese I'd ever want to bake.

This is more the ticket, $14.99 from World Market -->

Brie is lighter, brighter, less earthy/gamey than Camembert, and it stands to reason: it has added cream and less lactose, and that makes all the difference. Brie is the older cheese in historical terms (7th or 8th century AD, according to one source), and in my view, they should have stopped there!

I'll probably end up buying this one, in white with ventilation holes in the lid, from Crate & Barrel ($19.95). Give me this summer heavenly Bries!