Test of the Erasers

My test of six erasers on 117 gsm sketch paper.

My test of six erasers on 117 gsm sketch paper.

Erasers perform slightly differently on different papers, but I wanted to see them perform side by side, just to confirm (or test) my judgements so far.

I made a chart, the image you see. FC means Faber Castell, CC is Cretacolor Caramel, Auto refers to my Helix Auto Eraser, Mars is the Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser; and then we have the Pentel Clic eraser -- a round that you advance somewhat like a mechanical pencil. Last is kneadable eraser, which is a dark grey putty.

So which did I like best? The Mars is a good strong eraser, but creates more debris than Faber Castell, and I don't like that. I prefer the FC, overall. The auto eraser with its fine vibrating sliver is usually effective, especially for tiny bits and precise work -- but you can't use it with any of the darker soft graphites, as it tends to smear the graphite into the paper rather than remove it!  The other erasers worked fine, but I like the kneadable easer best for removing smudges rather than stark marks: being a putty it is not as precise as the others, and it's not as resolute, either. My least favourite is the Cretacolor Caramel, which creates a lot of crumbs and is less good than just about every other eraser. 

Summary: use kneadable eraser when you can: doesn't hurt the paper, doesn't drive colour into the paper, and doesn't create unwanted crumbs. But use Pentel Clic or Faber Castell Dust-Free Eraser for less sensitive jobs, and if you want tiny removal of non-smudging pigment, go for the Helix auto.