Hi, and thanks for dropping by. I'm Amanda and I’m fascinated by art — as a kind of magic that captures and refashions the eternal and simultaneously creates something that was never there before. I do watercolours and pastels, songs and poems, tarts and tartans, and I love books, gardens, the sea (which I live near) and the mountains (which I escape to every summer). And dogs, obviously! In this ‘glass cabinet’ I share my ideas of charm, delight, and deliciousness, and hope that you might find a use for some of them, too.

One of my own tartan designs, woven in wool (top) and cotton (the cushion). My inspiration looks on!

A favourite species of tree (Bucida buceras) from the tropics, which seems to do well a bit farther north, where I live. It has several names in English, including 'bullet tree' and 'gregorywood'.

My first Boxer, deeply beloved: Chummy.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 7.23.04 PM.png

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