For more about beach finds, see my Namaskar blog page

For more about beach finds, see my Namaskar blog page

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From the book:

Woof-Woof (or: the introduction)

Let’s face it: you’re having a wonderful time. Ever since your Uncle Urk, several thousand times removed, decided to befriend Flint (the male human) and Oofy (his lady love), a dog’s life has been…a dog’s life. You have the best of everything: shelter from weather, a place on the rug, and the protection of the world’s Biggest Cheese. Not to mention that humans are the only beings in the universe to have discovered a) feather pillows and b) the pepperoni and anchovy pizza. If only opossums had had the sense to make themselves Man’s Best Friend. Or aardvarks. But they didn’t, so they’ve been left behind. Your own standard of living, over thousands of years with humankind, has progressed from somewhat fine to totally terrific.

Materially, you know what I mean. Your coat is lush and free of fleas, and even your breath is sweet: vultures don’t soar overhead when you pant, now that mint-chews and toothpaste are a habit. You get coats in winter and rides in cars – and we’re not talking chariots, baby.

On the other hand, your freedom is in tatters. When did humans start outfoxing you so often instead of the other way around?

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